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Edible Singaporean souvenirs to bring home for a taste of Singapore


Had a good time eating all the local food in Singapore? Why not bring some home to keep the memories alive to share them with your friends and family? Here are some suggestions on foodie gifts you can buy:

1. Salted egg fish skin – Truly addictive, once you start eating it is hard to stop. This is pieces of fish skin, coated in batter of salted egg before being deep fried. There are also potato chips versions of this snack too.

2. Premix packets – Whip up your own laksa, chicken rice or beef rendang and more with premix packets. A popular local brand is Prima. Often all you need to add is the mix.

3. Vacuum packed “Bak Kwa” – Bak Kwa is a form of meat jerky, usually pork based. It is a favourite snack during Chinese New Year, but you can also buy it from shops specialising in Bak Kwa all year round. There are a number of such shops at Chinatown. A popular brand is Bee Cheng Hiang. A suitable gift for overseas are vacuum packed Bak Kwa, which often have longer expiry dates than the freshly grilled ones, but are just as tasty.

4. Pineapple tarts – Pineapple tarts are a favourite cookie served at Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. These tend to be delicate and easily broken, as they have a buttery shortbread-like crust. Hence you would want to hand carry the jars aboard the plane.

5. Kaya – This is a coconut jam which is rich and yummy on toasted bread or cream crackers. You can find many brands of kaya in the supermarkets. Bring home a jar or two so you can make your own kaya sandwiches.

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