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One of the coolest neighborhoods in London: Shoreditch


The first time I was in Shoreditch, it was Halloween night, and I assure you that it was really very extravagant for the first time. Streets crowded with witches, vampires, blue fairies, and even mermaids. It was really a very cool experience. Shoreditch used to be considered a slum that was only revalued after World War II. Today it is one of the most fantastic places to spend a Saturday night. Famous for being trendy, many consider it to be London’s hipster district.

I recommend an evening visit to be able to grasp the true charm of this neighborhood. Walking through the streets of Shoreditch, you can also admire many murals that characterize it. A stop at the quaint “Brick Lane” market is a must.

Personally, I also recommend the “Spitalfields markets,” not far from Liverpool Street. There is a lovely bar in this area, where “Jack the Ripper” used to go. The bar walls are still the original ones, and those who are fascinated by this legend can also book a tour to discover the places of the famous serial killer. I also found a great little spot at Shoreditch where it is possible to eat American-style cookies accompanied by a characteristic milk bottle, “Milk and cookies-Blondies kitchen.”

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