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The Projector – independent movie theatre in Singapore


If you are a movie buff, you will find that there is no shortage of cineplexes in Singapore. Most of the big malls, including Changi Airport Jewel, has a cinema. However, the one cinema which fans of independent films frequent is The Projector.

The Projector is an independent movie theatre housed in an old building called Golden Mile Tower. In the 1980s and 1990s, Golden Mile Tower was popular for its cinemas, the Golden Theatres. Today, two of the theatres have been refurbished into the hip and quirky Projector. Watching a movie at The Projector is like a blast from the past. Everything about it looks retro, from the lobby area where you can purchase your tickets and snacks, to the traditional flip-up chairs in the theatres, though they have been reupholstered. Even if you do not watch a movie at The Projector, it is worth a visit just to take photos of the location.

The Projector regularly screens films which you may not otherwise catch in the mainstream cineplexes. These include classics, arthouse, foreign films. There are also often retrospectives of selected film directors.

A standard priced ticket at The Projector costs SGD$13.50. However there are various concession prices, if you are a senior citizen or a student. Some of The Projector’s halls have beanbags besides the usual seats. If you choose to sit on a beanbag to watch the film, the ticket price is also slightly cheaper.

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