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What to see in Denmark in a week among seals, Vikings, and breathtaking design

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What to see in Denmark in a week? Unfortunately, it is not so easy to answer this question because Denmark is a country that has so many things to offer that choosing what to visit in a week is not at all simple.


For those who love architecture and design, a trip to Denmark is much more than just a vacation.

Creativity and beauty invade the streets of its cities, shaping them and transforming them into something unique in the world.
When we reached the port of Vejle at sunset, we were mesmerized by the two buildings that dominate it like silent giants: The Fjordhus and The Wave.

Looking at the spectacular wave-shaped construction, Elisa, my daughter, exclaimed loudly, “I want to live there! “.

And how to blame her? From the balconies of the apartments, the view of the fjord that opens towards the infinity of the North Sea is the most beautiful thing you can imagine.


Fanø is an island on the west coast in the waters of the North Sea that won us over immediately, as soon as we got off the ferry and put down the wheels of our car.

Its west coast is a single immense beach with white sand. I swear it really makes you speechless, and you want to say, “ok, leave me here for eternity! “.

Thanks to the low tide, it is possible to practice seal watching, that is, to walk on the seabed that has come to light to discover the seals, the friendly inhabitants of this island.

North of Fanø, you can walk among the remains of the German Atlantic Wall, a small portion of the immense fortified line built by the Nazis that connected Norway to France.

And then to the south, there is, Sønderho, the village that some call the most beautiful in Denmark.

We parked the car and started walking through its driveways as the sun began to set, filling the landscape with a golden light.

Suddenly it seemed like we were entering a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale; so much is the magic that emanates in every corner.


Ribe is a small medieval town whose historic center is a gem. Walking through its cobbled streets is like taking a dip back in time. The oldest city in Denmark has preserved its Viking atmosphere over the centuries.

A walk along the riverside and a dinner in one of its restaurants in the old part have given us a wonderful memory.

Before arriving in the city, we visited the extraordinary Ribe Vikingecenter. Its authentic, life-sized Viking environments have allowed us to understand how the residents of Ribe lived and worked from the founding of the city, which dates back 1300 years to 980.

If you are a lover of Viking history before arriving in Ribe, a few kilometers from Vejle, do not miss the Kongernes Jelling, the home of the Viking kings, which, through unique and modern digital sensory experiences, will introduce you to the monuments of Jelling, life during the Vi-King Age and the ancient kings of Denmark.

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