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328 Katong Laksa – Best Laksa in Singapore


Laksa is a popular dish you can find in Southeast Asia, including Singapore. There are different variations of this dish, depending on where it originated from. For example, laksa found in Penang is known as Asam Laksa. It has a distinctive sour taste due to the asam (tamarind) added to the soup. In Singapore, the most common form of laksa found is Peranakan or Nonya Laksa. This version has a rich, spicy, coconut milk-enriched broth.

Although you can find laksa at most food courts in Singapore, my favourite spot to eat laksa is at 328 Katong Laksa. There are several branches throughout Singapore, but the most famous one is located at East Coast. This branch was even visited by the famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who lost to the cook in a laksa cookoff.

It is interesting that at 328 Katong Laksa, no fork or chopsticks are provided – only spoons. Nonetheless, the noodles are cut into shorter strands, so it is easy for diners to slurp up the gravy and noodles with the spoon.

After the delicious meal, you can walk it off by exploring the quaint shophouses nearby.

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