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Best breakfasts in Singapore – what you can buy at the hawker centres


Skip the hotel breakfasts and give these local breakfasts a try. You can easily find them at hawker centres during breakfast hours (usually before 10.30am):

1. Carrot cake: Not the western sweet cake, carrot cake here refers to fried cakes of radish and egg. You can order either black or white carrot cake. Black carrot cake has dark soya sauce mixed in, while white is plain. This is my personal favourite local breakfast, and I’d choose black carrot cake. The photo accompanying this post shows a plate of black carrot cake.

2. Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs: Kaya is a coconut jam. This breakfast set usually consists of 2 soft boiled eggs, kaya toast sandwich, and a hot coffee or tea.

3. Egg or plain prata: Prata is a form of fried flatbread. Usually served with a small bowl of curry for dipping.

4. Fried noodles: Fried noodles served with an assortment of accompaniments you can select, such as fried luncheon meat, fish cake, fried tofu, and more.

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