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Best travel options from Narita Airport into Tokyo (NRT)


I’ve been to Tokyo many times and always seemed to land at Narita as that’s where my airline had it’s landing permissions. While Haneda is a newer and closer airport to Tokyo, I soon began to love travelling in (and out of Narita, mostly as they had great shopping) as I got familiar with how to get around.

So my tip for your getting into Tokyo from Narita, in my experience fall in to 3 main options and my recommendation is the first one.

1: Airport Limousine Bus – this is not quite a Limousine but it’s really easy to find their bright Orange desks which are right in front of the exits on your way out of immigration, where you’re finally free of customs etc. These people at the desks (there are 2 desks) speak English. They have fixed stops so you’ll need to find out if they will stop at your Hotel, or near your accommodation etc. They have loads of buses on different routes. It’s cheap and affordable and comfortable.

2: Train – There is a Narita Express train which will take you in to town. You’ll get allocated seating. For tickets you’ll need to come out of immigration and then go down the escalator. Turn right at the bottom and walk around until you see the train ticket area. They also speak English and you can get a return ticket. They can help explain how it works and you can ask if they will be going to a station near you. Make sure you sit in the right carriage in the right seat as the train separates in Tokyo City so you want to be in the right section.

3: Private Car or Taxi – personally, it’s a really long trip and a taxi will get really expensive. A private car is nice if your business or company is paying for it. The Toyota Alphard vehicles the private companies use are so comfortable it’s a treat.

Hope it helps!

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