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Buying tropical fruit in Singapore – where you can find them


Besides the durian, you can find many types of delicious tropical fruit in Singapore. From papaya to mango, rambutans to longans, lychees to mangosteen and more. There are no fruit plantations left in Singapore. Hence, these fruit are imported from Malaysia and neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. It is wonderful because you can find a great selection of tropical fruit all year round!

If you want a quick sampling of some fruit, head to a supermarket in a mall. There you can find cut fruit packaged in small servings for sale – even durian seeds when they are in season, packed securely into Styrofoam boxes! There are also fruit kiosks in many malls where you can buy fruit such as a slice of papaya for SGD$1. If you rather have fruit juice rather than eat the fruit whole, these fruit kiosks often offer freshly blended juice too. My favourite is a cup of papaya juice. Think of it as a good and healthy way to cool down in Singapore’s warm heat.

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