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Drinking water in Singapore and what is NEWater


When visiting Singapore, save your money on bottles of mineral water. They are not necessary because tap water in Singapore is perfectly drinkable, just as it is! The quality of Singapore’s tap water is within World Health Organisation’s guidelines for drinking water quality and the United States Environmental Protection Agency drinking water standards. If you prefer hot water, you can always boil it.

If you ever encounter a bottle of NEWater in Singapore, you may be curious to know what it is. NEWater is actually a product of water recycling. It consists of waste water which has been highly treated so that it is drinkable. I’ve tried NEWater and honestly, it tastes perfectly fine. If you are unaware of its branding and history, you may not even be able to tell the difference between NEWater and regular water.

For those keen to learn more about NEWater, you can even visit their Visitor Centre in Bedok to see the water purification process. There are guided tours to the facility, and each tour is an hour long. It is best to call ahead to book the tour. You can find more information about the NEWater Visitor Centre on the PUB (Singapore’s national water agency) website.

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