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Parking tips at Whakapapa Ski Fields


If you plan to Ski at Whakapapa on a busy day, parking can be a challenge. When you are driving up the car park attendants will often try to wave you in to the lower car parks. Just drive past them and if they look grumpy don’t worry, it’s normal. If they ask, just tell them you are dropping things off at the top and you’ll be back down.

I recommend you head up to the top of the Bruce Rd where you can’t go any further. On the way up you might get lucky with a closer park. If you don’t, there is a ‘drop off zone’ there. You can drop stuff or people off and then on your way down you might get lucky with a closer car park.

Worst case, you get to drop everyone else at the top, and your skiis etc which saves a long walk up the hill.

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