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Eating chicken rice balls in Melaka

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An iconic dish to eat if you are visiting Melaka is the famous chicken rice balls. This dish is similar to the usual Hainanese chicken rice you may be familiar with, but true to its name, the fragrant rice is molded into small balls before served. In the past before the COVID-19 pandemic, when tourists from Singapore could drive to Malaysia freely, it was not uncommon for tourists to take away chicken rice balls from stalls in Melaka and drive them back to Singapore. It made for a tasty souvenir!

There are several theories on who invented this dish, but none have been officially verified. According to one such theory, early chefs discovered that if they rolled the chicken rice into balls, it would help the rice to stay warm longer.

Many stalls in Melaka specialize in this dish. One popular place recommended by locals to try chicken rice balls is at Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant. This restaurant serves both roasted and steamed chicken to accompany the rice balls. It is also well known for its homemade chili paste.

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