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Some tips for first time visitors to Singapore


Is it your first time visiting Singapore? Here are some useful tips to help you as you explore this vibrant city:

1. When riding the MRT trains, do not sit on the priority seats unless you are pregnant, elderly, handicapped or feeling unwell.

2. Chewing gum cannot be purchased in Singapore. If you brought some on your trip, rest assured that you can consume the gum, but please dispose it properly by placing it in a piece of tissue paper before throwing it in the bin.

3. Smoking is not allowed in most indoor locations in Singapore. Some locations have designated areas for smoking, usually outside the premises.

4. Keep your face mask on in public, if you are visiting Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemic. Singapore has strict COVID-19 safe management measures and enforcement officers patrol public spaces.

5. Most people understand English because it is a language taught in the Singapore school system. The elderly shop owners or hawkers usually understand basic English at the very least. All signages at public spaces are in English.

6. If eating at a hawker centre, a table with a packet of tissues left on it means that it is taken. Usually the Singaporean habit is to “reserve” a table/seat before placing a food order.

7. You will need to return your tray and dishes to the tray collection points after dining at a hawker centre or kopitiam (indoor version of a hawker centre). Take note that there are special collection points for dishes from Halal/Muslim stalls. The Halal and non-Halal dishes should not be mixed.

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