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Eating durians in Singapore – when and where can you find them


It is spiky and has a very strong smell. Its texture and taste is similar to a sweet, soft cheese. You either hate it or love it. This is the durian, also known as the King of Fruit in Singapore. Even among the locals, not everyone is a fan of durians. Hence, you are not allowed to carry the durian fruit aboard the MRT trains – you can even find signages with this instruction.

Durians are seasonal and mostly imported from Thailand and Malaysia. The durian seasons are usually between June to September, and from December to February. At peak durian season, the best place to buy fresh durians is at Geylang, where there are many roadside stalls selling the fruit. You can sit at the tables by the road and eat durians hacked open by the hawkers.

If eating the durian fruit is too overwhelming for you, there are eateries that sell deserts like ice cream, cake, cream puffs and crepes, made from durian pulp. As the durian pulp is usually frozen, these sweet treats are available all year round. My favourite is the durian creme puffs from Four Seasons Durian. There are several branches of this eatery around Singapore, including one at Jewel Changi Airport.

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