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Hawker Chan Soya Sauce Chicken Rice – world’s cheapest Michelin-starred meal in Singapore


Did you know that for a period of time, you could find the world’s least expensive Michelin-starred meal in Singapore?

Hawker Chan first received its Michelin Star in 2016. Although the restaurant may have lost its Michelin Star in 2021, it is still worth a visit to try its famous soya sauce chicken rice.

Soya sauce chicken rice is unlike Hainanese chicken rice which you may be familiar with. The chicken is tender, having been braised in soya sauce, herbs and spices. At Hawker Chan, you can choose to have the soya sauce chicken with rice or with noodles. I like to have it with kway teow, or flat rice noodles. The noodles are served drenched in a tasty gravy.

There are several branches of Hawker Chan in Singapore. The very first stall which is Michelin-stared is located at Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre.

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