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Odense: the top 5 things not to miss

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Odense is a city poised between ancient and modern in perfect balance. So our advice is to live it as soon as possible before it definitely changes face. We have compiled for you the top 5 experiences to do absolutely in the city to allow you to live it fully; here they are.

1. Discover the world of Andersen

Odense is not just any country; it is a paradise for children!
Hans Christian Andersen is a true symbol of Denmark. Her fairy tales, including The Princess and the Pea, The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, are world-famous. It is impossible to visit Odense and not be fascinated by its magical world.

Scattered around the city perimeter are museums and attractions for the little ones, leaving even the older ones speechless, such as Children’s culture house The Tinderbox, one of the five attractions that can be visited in a single day dedicated to Andersen.

2. Visit the Museum of Art and the Latin Quarter

In the Latin Quarter stands the splendid structure that houses the Brandts, the museum of art and visual culture of Odense.
While Manina, my son, went crazy for the exhibition dedicated to children “SANSE UDSTILLING,” I, Luca, dived into the shots of Anton Corbijn, the famous rock photographer.

3. Odense what to see: relax in the city parks

The best way to celebrate the arrival of spring in Odense is to relax in the greenery of Monks Mose park. In 1881, the municipality of Odense bought the land around the Monks Mill factory to prevent its construction. As a result, it was a swampy area with low grass used for grazing and mowing. In winter, the area was often flooded by the river and was used for skating.

In 1912 Chr. Daehnefeldt, a merchant, offered to pay two-thirds of the costs to turn the area into a park and contacted the gardener Edv. Glaesel and asked to have drawn up some plans for its development.

4. Immerse yourself in the past at the Funen Village

A few kilometers from the center of Odense is the Funen Village, a farming village where you can take a dip in the past, at the time of Andersen, and discover the rural traditions of this corner of Denmark.

The museum is made up of a series of farms that were originally located in villages around the Fiona and on the islands. You can admire the half-timbered buildings with flower gardens, fences, and pets, all surrounded by fields to give the sense of a real village.

5. Take a train to the old world

In the middle of Odense, right next to the train station, stands the Danish Railway Museum housed in an original building dating from 1954 in a circular shape. At the Danish Railway Museum, you can experience the railway history in Denmark up close, thanks to 21 railway tracks with iconic locomotives and carriages. For example, you can sit on the wooden seats of the Klampenborg double-decker carriage, board the 1954 steam locomotive taxi and enter the postal carriage.

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