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Samsø Island: where it is and how to get there?

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The island of Samsø is located in the exact center of Denmark. Departing from Bologna airport with Ryanair flight, you can arrive in Billund (the famous city of Lego), where you can hire a car and reach the village of Hou. Several ferries leave every day from its port, allowing you to arrive on the island of Samsø in about an hour of navigation.


We used the car to get around during our trip, but the most used means on the island is undoubtedly the bicycle. Bike lanes are everywhere and are often even bigger than the car lane! Samsø really lends itself to cycling tourism due to its practically flat conformation (except the extreme north of the island) and to zero traffic! So if riding your bike, you feel observed, it will most likely not be the eyes of a motorist but of some curious goat…


For a healthy and tasty lunch you should definitely go to Cafe ØRO (Nordby): we have never eaten such good and colorful salads!

For a romantic candlelit dinner, the gourmet cuisine of restaurants such as SAK (Ballen) and Nordby13 (Nordby) is perfect! In both cases, the choice of wines is truly remarkable: top!


One of the best gifts you can give yourself on holiday in Samsø is certainly to choose an accommodation with a sea view. Waking up at dawn while the sun paints the whole landscape pink is the best way to start the day. So we stayed in the splendid former Holmegaard Holiday apartments farm, among immense fields of yellow flowers and a view from the window that we still dream of today.

Samsø is truly a perfect island for all travelers looking for a green destination and wanting to discover new ways of living while respecting the environment.

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