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Seeing London from the London Eye, my experience


Observing the beauty of London from the London Eye is an experience that everyone puts on their agenda during a trip to the English capital. We couldn’t miss it on our London weekend.

If you like Ferris wheels the go up for fun but, if, like me, you don’t particularly like Ferris wheels and high altitudes, you have to go up to discover London from another view. This time I overcame my fears and was able to see London from a whole new angle. Curiosity got the better of my fear!

The London Eye actually offers a wonderful view of the city from its glass cabins 135 meters high. The tour lasts about half an hour, and the rotating movements are very gentle. They are, in fact, very slow which gives time to enjoy the view – you don’t have to feel panicked that you’ll miss something.

London, a busy cosmopolitan and lively city by definition, seems small and motionless under your feet. As if it were a 3D model. Not to mention the wonderful skyline over the entire city that you’ll enjoy. It’s a 360° space to see and photograph London.

I literally fell in love with London from the first moment after this “tour” the love has only increased since. A unique city of its kind and even more spectacular from 135 meters! It’s worth the queue to get in to.

Costs and timetables

Seeing London from the London Eye is one of those thrills to try, but it’s not the cheapest, £22.95 for a standard ticket. To try to save money, we bought the combined ticket from two attractions which also allowed us to visit the Madame Tussauds wax museum for £40.

It’s open everyday, but remember that there might be a very long line and it is preferable to arrive before the opening to be sure not to wait too long. For unique photos and a romantic tour, I recommend that you go up close to the evening hours and enjoy the sunset over London.

Access times vary according to the time of year; I refer you to the official website so as not to run into unexpected events!

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