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Shopping at Orchard Road in Singapore


If you enjoy shopping, Orchard Road is the place to be when you visit Singapore. Just like how Paris has its shopping belt, Champs-Élysées, Singapore’s Orchard Road is lined with retail shops and shopping malls. Anything you could possibly want to buy, whether it is clothes, books, toys or even household appliances, can be found at one of the shops in Orchard. If all the shopping makes you hungry, do not worry as there are wide selections of eateries in each mall.

Orchard Road got its name because long ago, it used to be a site of fruit orchards and plantations. These plantations are now gone, to be replaced with tall skyscrapers and glitzy storefronts.

To reach Orchard Road, you can either alight at Orchard or Somerset MRT station, depending on which part of Orchard you would like to visit first. Many of the malls are even connected by underpasses. Hence, you can stay dry as you walk from the MRT stations to each mall, in spite of sudden downpours.

Visitors to Orchard Road over Christmas will be treated to beautiful Christmas light displays. For many in Singapore, a highlight of the annual Christmas celebration is to visit Orchard at night and soak up the festive atmosphere.

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