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Top 5 places to visit at Samsø – Denmark’s ecological paradise island

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If you want to immerse yourself entirely in the atmosphere of Danish life, there is no better way than to spend a few days on one of its many islands. On our last trip to Denmark, we got to know a real gem: Samsø.

Are you ready to discover the island of Samsø with us? Let’s go!


1. Nordby

Life in this corner of Denmark goes by really slowly: relaxation and nature are the masters here, so if you want to enjoy it fully, you have to give yourself the right time. We spent three days on this island, and it really regenerated us (despite the somewhat capricious climate!).

We begin to know it by setting foot in the village of Nordby. You know those enchanting Nordic boxes all colored and decorated with a thousand flowers, which seem to come out of a fairy tale of elves and gnomes? Well, Nordby is chock full of them!

I swear to you that you will have to force yourself to put your camera back in its case: Nordby is truly a feast for the eyes!

2. Samsø Labyrinten

Have you ever wondered what happens to Christmas trees when the holidays are over? Here in Samsø, 10,000 have been planted to form the largest labyrinth in the world: the Samsø Labyrinten. Suppose you think it is just an attraction for children. In that case, you are wrong because walking inside what has become an actual forest (6 hectares by 5km in length) is super relaxing and rejuvenating for the whole family: seeing is believing!

3. Ballebjerg

To the north of the island is its highest point, Ballebjerg, which measures just 64m and on which a picturesque watchtower was built in 1920. From here, you can see several Danish islands and the coast up to the city of Aarhus.

4. Falkecenter Samsø

Do you want to discover the world of birds of prey? Then, Louise and her Falkecenter are the ones for you! Before leaving the island and continuing our trip to Denmark, we spent a couple of hours completely captivated by the beauty of these birds that we were able to see up close. Indeed, right in your arms!

5. Fredensdal

Are you curious about Samsø’s rural history? Then, you cannot miss a visit to the traditional Fredensdal educational farm. The Samsø Museum inherited the property from its last owner, Eduard Kjeldmann, who had lived here all his life. After his parents died in 1930, Eduard took over the property, keeping everything intact as it was then.

It is a real blast from the past of almost 100 years! The toilets are truly unmissable: when you see them, you will understand why! You can have a lot of fun feeding every type of animal, from ducks to goats to cute pigs.

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