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Tips on taking a taxi or Grab in Singapore


Even though most parts of Singapore is well connected by the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system, such that you can get to almost any place easily by train, there may be times when you’d like to travel by taxi (for example, when you are carrying heavy things).

In Singapore, there are several taxi companies. Hence, you can see taxis of different colours plying the roads – each denoting a different company. Yet regardless of the taxi company, the fares are standardised. All taxis in Singapore run by meter. Fares are charged according to the meter, with addition of any applicable surcharge. For example, there is peak hour surcharge of additional 25% of the metered fare, if you take a taxi at peak hour timing (Mon-Fri: 6am – 9.30am; Mon – Sun and public holidays: 6pm – 12 midnight). Taxi passengers will also need to pay for any Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges incurred. These are like toll charges on certain roads in the city area. All the additional charges will be automatically computed to the meter, so rest assured you can simply pay the price as shown on the meter at the end of your journey.

To take a taxi, you can either flag down a taxi on the road or wait at a taxi stand. You will find taxi stands at every mall and public attraction. There are also taxi stands outside MRT stations. Some taxi companies also have apps which you can install to your phone to easily book a taxi anytime and anywhere. Do note that you will need to pay a booking surcharge when making a taxi booking. My favourite taxi booking app is the ComfortDelGro Booking App.

Another alternative to taking a taxi is to book a Grab private hire driver. This is similar to the Uber service available in some countries. In Singapore, Grab drivers are prohibited from taking passengers from the street or taxi stands. Hence if you prefer to take a Grab, you will need to download the Grab app and place a booking. The Grab app is useful as it will give you the fare estimate at point of booking and help you find a driver instantly. Sometimes, depending on your destination, you will find that the Grab rate is cheaper than taking a taxi.

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