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Legoland Billund in Denmark: a unique experience in the world

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The Legoland is every child’s dream on the face of the Earth. Indeed, I correct every person on the face of the Earth because once you enter, the child that is in each of us comes out.

How engaging are the activities that can be carried out inside the Lego House?

We had planned to stay around 3 hours. Instead, we stayed for 6 hours and had to force ourselves to leave!

Tubs filled with colorful bricks, interactive games, a museum, a series of eye-catching exhibits, and a restaurant where two cute robots serve food – the Lego House is that and more.


Order lunch using the universal language of colored bricks, follow its preparation directly from a camera that follows the little Lego chefs busy at work, and collect your packed lunch from the hands of a robot: this and much more is what happens in the Mini Chef restaurant housed inside the Lego House.


Imagine entering a room made entirely of colored bricks, having met a huge dragon at the entrance of the hotel, and encountering immense tubs full of Lego at every corner to be able to play whenever you want. Open your eyes you have arrived at the Hotel Legoland, the structure that is located directly inside Legoland Billund and in our opinion the best accommodation for those who want to visit Legoland Denmark.

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