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Hear Records – where you can buy vinyl records in Singapore

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If you are a music lover and enjoy hunting for vinyl records while you’re on holiday, then you are in luck. In the past few years, Singapore has experienced a sort of vinyl boom, with an increasing number of stores popping up, specialising in vinyl records. As a vinyl fan myself, I used to research intensively on the local music shops before travelling overseas.

One of my favourite places to buy vinyl records in Singapore is from Hear Records. This shop has been listed by several audiophile websites as one of the best record shops in the world.

I like that they have a huge selection of records from various genres – both secondhand as well as brand new. The stock is constantly kept fresh and updated. If you follow the store on Facebook, you can see that there are frequent shipments of new arrivals from the United States and Europe. In fact, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the owner used to travel to Japan regularly to personally select secondhand vinyl for sale back in Singapore. The shop also sells turntables.

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