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Exploring Changi Boardwalk and Changi Village

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One of the quieter beaches on Singapore’s mainland is Changi Beach. Located at the far east of Singapore, it is home to the Changi Boardwalk, also known as Changi Point Coastal Walk, where you can take a scenic stroll along the coastline.

The entire boardwalk is 2.2km long. The Changi Boardwalk consists of six sections: Sunset Walk, Kelong Walk, Cliff Walk, Sailing Point Walk, Beach Walk and Creek Walk.

I suggest that you can have a leisurely meal at the Changi Village Hawker Centre first, and burn off the calories by exploring the boardwalk. The Changi Village Hawker Centre is famous for its nasi lemak stalls. Nasi lemak is a dish of coconut rice, served with sides like chicken wings, omelette, peanuts and fried anchovies. Several stalls in this hawker centre specialise in nasi lemak and attract long queues every day.

From Changi Boardwalk, you can look across the sea to neighbouring Johor. As you stroll along, you will also see many anglers as this is a popular fishing site. The boardwalk is scenic and rustic, especially at the Kelong Walk section, where it extends into the sea with stilts. If you are there in the evening, the boardwalk is also a great place to catch beautiful sunsets. Do not worry about safety, as the boardwalk is well-lit even at night.

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