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Ordering coffee in Singapore coffee shops and hawker centres


If you are looking for your coffee fix while in Singapore, try the coffee varieties available at the hawker centres and kopitiams (coffee shops). Just like how Vietnamese coffee is distinctly different from other coffee, these types of local brew in Singapore are unique and you definitely will not find them at Starbucks!

Traditionally, the coffee beans are roasted with sugar and margarine, then ground and brew in a strainer. Coffee ordered at hawker centres and kopitiams are often served in small china cups and saucers. Although the serving size may be small, you will find that the caffeine hits a punch because of the brewing method.

When ordering your coffee (also known as kopi), you can try out these different varieties:

1. Kopi: Milky coffee with sugar and condensed milk

2. Kopi Peng: Iced milky coffee with sugar and condensed milk

3. Kopi O Siew Dai: Black coffee with less sugar

4. Kopi-O: Black coffee with sugar

5. Kopi-Kosong: Unsweetened black coffee (This is the strongest in terms of caffeine boost.)

6. Kopi Kosong Peng: Iced unsweetened black coffee

7. Kopi-O Peng: Iced black coffee with sugar

8. Kopi-C: Coffee with sugar and evaporated milk (This is my favourite, slightly less sweet than regular kopi but still milky.)

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