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Raffles Hotel – a taste of Singapore’s colonial past

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Even if you do not stay at Raffles Hotel during your trip to Singapore, this is one of our local landmarks to visit. Raffles Hotel is synonymous with Singapore. Named after Sir Stamford Raffles, Singapore’s modern founder, the hotel has a long history, since 1887. Among the many personalities who have stayed at Raffles Hotel over the years include Michael Jackson, Somerset Maugham, Charlie Chaplin and Queen Elizabeth II.

The Raffles Hotel recently underwent a refurbishment to update its amenities, but its traditional neo-Renaissance architecture with tropical touches like wide open verandahs still remain. If you do decide to splurge on a night’s stay at this luxurious hotel, you can imagine that you’ve travelled back into Singapore’s colonial era.

A must visit is the Long Bar, where you can try the Singapore Sling. This sweet gin-based mix is Singapore’s national cocktail, and it was invented by a bartender at the Long Bar in the 1910s. You can also visit the Raffles Boutique, a gift shop within the hotel, for your pick of Singapore and Raffles Hotel-souvenirs.

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