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Safety in Singapore – tips for travellers


One of the things I am grateful for in Singapore is the safety. Here, you do not need to worry about walking in dim unlit streets at night – partly because such streets do not exist, with most areas being well lit with street lamps. Also, Singapore generally has a low crime rate.

Of course, it is wise to avoid leaving your belongings unattended especially in crowded places. It is also a good idea not to stare at people, as some may interpret it wrongly. Some staring incidents in Singapore have led to fights.

While Geylang is famous for its durian stalls, it is also known in Singapore as a red light district. Hence ladies should avoid walking along Geylang at night if alone. It is best to dress conservatively if visiting the food stalls in Geylang at night.

If you ever need to contact the Police in an emergency, the hotline is 999.

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